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Direct Primary Care
  • Dr. Rotondo offers Direct Primary Care in Bishop.

  • “DPC” is a model of even more personalized care; patients pay a monthly membership fee to have enhanced access to their primary care physician. It's similar to a gym membership and less than the cost of the average cell phone bill.

  • Cut out the middle man and the red tape! Insurance is not involved. Save the doctor and the patient both the hassle and expense of intrusive insurance companies.

  • There are never any co-pays or hidden charges in DPC; the goal is to prioritize the doctor-patient relationship, with a monthly membership fee that can be easily budgeted, with complete price transparency and no surprise fees

  • Membership rates are based on age, due to increasing complexity of care.

  • Ages 0-17 is $25/mo 

  • Ages 18-22 (*with a Parent Enrolled) is $49/mo* 

  • Ages 18-49 (**without a Parent Enrolled) $65/mo**

  • Ages 50-64 is $89/mo

  • Easy access to your physician via phone, email, secure message, or video your time and only come to the office when you really need to be seen...otherwise you and your DPC doctor can take care of most things with convenient communication out of the office.

  • DPC can provide members with wholesale prices on medications, office tests, injections, and services like imaging or labs (a 95% decrease in many situations). 

  • Members also enjoy same day or next day visits, and eConsults with specialists, as well as wholesale pricing already mentioned.

  • In medical offices controlled by health insurance companies, a single physician will have an average of 2,000-3,000 patients in order to make ends meet. DPC saves so much money and hassle that physicians usually have 300-600 patients, depending on the community. So don't miss out on this opportunity!


DPC is not insurance.

  • Most DPC members still have an insurance plan or cost sharing ministry. 

  • Here is a simple analogy: What if we used our health insurance the way we use our auto insurance? We don't use our auto insurance for oil changes and tanks of gas; it's reserved for big ticket items. That is what health insurance should be for, not your every day, routine purchases.

  • The majority of day to day health conditions and over-all wellness can be managed by a well-trained primary care physician.

  • Patients are encouraged to make informed decisions and compare the prices offered through their insurance (which they are free to use and Dr. Rotondo can place those orders) with the wholesale prices that Dr. Rotondo can offer.

  • Medicare dictates that Dr. Rotondo must bill Medicare for the office visits and doesn't allow Medicare-eligible patients to use Direct Primary Care when Dr. Rotondo is participating in Medicare.

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