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Small Business Owners

How to Provide Primary Care to Your Employees and Save Money at the Same Time


  • Provide Employees with Direct Primary Care, a monthly membership model

  • Pair DPC with a High Deductible Plan or Cost Sharing Ministry, see below

  • Save Money on one of the Largest Expense After Wages: Healthcare!

  • Discount Employer Memberships to Dr. Rotondo’s Practice

  • Enhanced Access to a Board Certified Family Physician

  • No Copays or Coinsurance (Ever)

  • Wholesale Prices for Medications, Labwork, and Imaging Services

  • Low Monthly Membership Fee Covers These High Value Services

This is from a CNBC article:


“A growing number of primary-care physicians are partnering with employers to deliver affordable preventative and primary care on a fixed-monthly membership model, in what is known as direct primary care. Instead of billing patients' insurance, direct primary care providers charge users a monthly fee for unrestricted access to their doctor, said Mason Reiner, co-founder and chief executive officer of R-Health, a network of independent primary-care practices in Philadelphia and the southern part of New Jersey that offers direct primary care. Unlike in concierge practices, which also charge monthly fees, providers in direct primary care do not bill insurers or Medicare for medical visits. "The price point is significantly less than most concierge practices," said Reiner. Often, it costs less than $1,000 per year per person. R-Health's retail price is $79 per person per month. "Direct primary care, coupled with a high-deductible health insurance plan, can oftentimes be an outstanding and relatively affordable solution for entrepreneurs and small business," said Reiner.”  (From 5 smart ways small firms can slash health-care costs by Elaine Pofeld Thursday, 8 Jan 2015,

Only 300 memberships available. Call to find out how you can start offering Direct Primary Care to your Employees and Yourself today!

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