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Dr. Erica Rotondo

Water Lake Landscape
Board Certified Osteopathic Family Medicine Physician


Current Clinic

Dr. Rotondo's clinic in Bishop is permanently closed. Dr. Rotondo greatly enjoyed caring for patients in the Eastern Sierra for the past several years.


Former Direct Primary Care Patients

Dr. Rotondo's Direct Primary Care patients may fill out a records release form so their records can be faxed to their new Primary Care Physician.

Medical Records Relewase
Therapy Sessions

Dr. Erica Rotondo is an amazing doctor! She has treated me through 2 back surgeries and an ankle surgery. With every doctor visit, she treated me with respect, concern, and a professionalism. Her medical knowledge concerning treatment plans is vast and on track. With my ever-changing chronic condition, Dr. Rotondo took the time and attention needed to find out exactly how I was feeling and all the issues that compounded my condition, offering alternative treatment plans to further my relief.


Permanently Closed

Tel: 760-205-1050

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